For the first time since 2016, the euro rate has risen above 91 rubles

The depreciation of the ruble is associated with the expected drop in energy prices, as well as with possible new Western sanctions against Moscow.

The euro rate exceeded 91 rubles for the first time in February 2016, according to the data of the Moscow Exchange on Friday, September 25. The highest daily rate of the single European currency was 91.41 rubles per 1 euro, DW reports.

For the first time since April 2, the dollar exchange rate overcame the indicator of 78 rubles. Its maximum value at the auction reached 78.5 rubles.

Over the month, the ruble has lost more than five percent of its value against the US dollar and the euro. The fall in the Russian currency is associated with the threat of new Western sanctions due to the poisoning of Alexei Navalny, as well as with the situation in the global economy. The slowdown in economic growth due to the second wave of coronavirus may lead to a drop in oil and gas prices, which will reduce Russia's foreign exchange earnings.