Caucasian Reserve has published a book about the plants of the Caucasus

The book "Alpine Plants of the Caucasian Reserve" in Russian language is the first book of the reserve dedicated to plants. The book tells about the plants most often found in the nature of the Caucasus.

The authors of the book are a group of scientists from the Caucasian Reserve - researchers Tatyana and Sergey Trepet, scientific editors of the publication - Vladimir and Tatyana Akatov.

This popular science publication will be useful for tourists, guides, scientists, teachers and everyone. In addition to the botanical description, the history of the origin of the name, as well as photos, the pages contain important information for travelers.

The unique edition was published in cooperation with Krasnaya Polyana Resort, whose territory is located in the immediate vicinity of the Caucasian Reserve.

Recall that the area of the Caucasian reserve is located in the territory of three entities of the Russian Federation: the Republic of Adygea, Krasnodar region and the Republic of Karachay-Circassia.