"The Circassian Miracle" - new book by Adel Bashqawi

Last month, on February 12, the Circassia Center for Studies and Research in Amman - Jordan held a presentation of the book "The Circassian Miracle: The Nation Neither Tsars, Nor Commissars, Nor Russia Could Stop". Author of the book Adel Bashqawi, a Circassian public figure from Jordan. His new work is dedicated to Circassia - the historical homeland of the Circassians, who for many years have kept the torch of freedom, despite great obstacles and difficulties.

The book is in English and it contains 1167 pages on the Russian-Circassian War and the genocide committed by Tsarist Russia against the Circassian nation. It also includes: 
- the rights of the Circassian nation and its connection with international law, 
- UNESCO's efforts to protect world heritage sites in the northwestern Caucasus, 
- the relationship between the Winter Olympics and the Circassian issue, 
- the author's view on the Circassian issue, 
- the documents of the Russian-Circassian war, which lasted 101 years, 1763-1864.

The event was broadcast live on the Internet in Arabic using Adyghe (Circassian) and English. 

You can buy the book through this link - click on image: