Head of the club of Yegerukhai goes to elections in national costume

For the head of the rural house of culture of the village of Yegerukhai in the Republic of Adygea Khamed Khokon, participation in the elections in the national Circassian (Adyghe) costume has already become a good tradition,- Information agency Adygea Today reports.

The administration of the Koshehabl district noted that he is one of the few who even in everyday life wears only a national costume. In addition, Hamed is one of the initiators of the revival of traditional equestrianism.

“The main wealth of our country is its multinational people. So it was in the past and so it will be, I am sure, in the future. Today I vote for multinational Russia, for adherence to its customs and traditions of Adygea, for friendship, peace and prosperity of our country. The same choice, I believe, needs to be made by each of us,” Khokon said.