International Circassian association (ICA) after 30 years of existence - Results: zero

ICA congress 2021 in Nalchik, Kabardino-Balkaria - Photo: kbrria

We bring you an article published in one of the Circassian blogs (Circassia Times) about the achievements of the so-called International Circassian association. The article was published two years ago but it is still relevant today and the result has remained unchanged. 

The International Circassian association (ICA) was established in 1991 and its members  Circassian organizations from all over the world, but not all, many Circassian organizations in the homeland and diaspora not members in ICA. The organization is officially registered in the Russian Federation and its center is in the city of Nalchik, the capital of the Republic of Kabardino-Balkaria.

The headline we made for this article is disappointing but if we start analyzing it we will be deeply disappointed by the very meager achievements or the epic achievements of this organization has after 28 years of existence.

Here we will not describe the achievements that are not, but what was to be achieved by this organization which bears such a big name. The truth that talking about this organization openly will shame the Circassians but we has no choice rather to tell the truth in order to correct the distortion and think of ways to advance the interests of the Circassian nation.

Let's start with this organization in terms of its budget being the poorest entity in the Circassian world and not only poorer than other similar entities but it is poorer than the poorest Circassian family in the world. The organization's budget is less than $ 20,000 a year. The question arises is how such a poor organization can advance the interests of the Circassians? Of course he will not. In comparison, the budget of the World Palestinian Organization reaches up to $ 100 million a year and the budget of the World Jewish Organization reaches up to $ 1 billion a year.

This organizer did not create a world Circassian television, did not create a Circassian bank, not a Circassian school or university, did not say any thing about the violation of the Circassian rights  in homeland and the Diaspora and did not anything to return any Circassian to his historic homeland. It can be described as a low-level introductory club that its members meet every few years.

The causes of this sad state of affairs are many, but, one of the main reasons of that that this organization was forced on the Circassians by other non-Circassian powers. And today he continues his work in the interests of these powers not in the interests of the Circassian people.

In order to advance the interests of the Circassians, it is necessary to establish a new world Circassian organization that will adapt its work to the aspirations of the Circassian people.