Mila Ardan - Modern Circassian Costume designer

We present to you a post published on Facebook about Mila Ardan on the occasion of the Circassian National Costume Day (28.09). You can also find here her address on Facebook and Instagram.

National Circassian Costume Day

Mila Ardan is the founder of the return of the national costume to everyday life in the Caucasus, having created modern dress in Dubai 13 years ago and it never occurred to anyone that it was possible to modernize the national dress and wear it in the 21st century, but thanks to courage, refined taste, and enthusiasm Mila Ardan resumed wearing a beautiful costume, carried through the centuries ... 
For the Circassian people this is a great thing ♥ ️ thanks to her, many were inspired and also began to popularize modern Circassian clothing, which makes us very happy ♥ ️ one of Mila's main desires, the more people wear national modern clothes the happier she is!

... Photo from our grand show in Tbilisi Georgia!

Instagram address of Mila Ardan: