Adygea liquidated the Constitutional Court of the Republic

The head of Adygea, Murat Kumpilov, signed a law abolishing the Constitutional Court of the republic. The document is posted on the official portal of the regional authorities, Kommersant reports.

On October 27, the deputies of the State Council-Khase (parliament) of Adygea also voted for the abolition of the judicial body. The procedure is being carried out within the framework of the reform of the Russian judicial system. At the same time, the retired judges of the Constitutional Court of Adygea retain all guarantees of material and social security.

In November 2020, it became known that all constitutional and statutory courts of the constituent entities of the Russian Federation will be abolished by January 1, 2023, and instead of them the regions will have the right to create constitutional and statutory councils under their parliaments.

In April 2021, the chairman of the Constitutional Court of Adygea, Asker Tlehatuk, resigned. At that time, only two judges remained in the court - Zaurbiy Birzhev and Alexey Petrusenko.