In Germany concerns call on government to strengthen climate protection

In Germany, by the beginning of in-depth sounding negotiations on the formation of a new government, dozens of German concerns demanded that the future cabinet take concrete measures to protect the climate. In a joint statement released on Monday, October 11, 69 German companies from various sectors of the economy, in particular, called on the new government to accelerate the introduction of renewable energy,- DW reports.

"Climate protection, as the main theme in the past elections to the Bundestag, should be placed at the top of the agenda by the parties in the formation of the new federal government. The new government should set a framework so that we, as enterprises, can make climate neutrality a trademark of the German economy," the president of the Otto Group Michael Otto said.

The German companies that have signed the joint appeal employ over a million people in Germany and more than five million people worldwide, with a combined turnover of around one trillion euros.