In the resorts of Adygea expected cold weather and rains with wet snow


Big Tkhach
On October 24, Sunday, according to forecasters, in the Big Tkhach mountain range the weather will be mostly cloudy, rain is not excluded. At night, the thermometer will drop to 1 ° C below 0, in the afternoon on thermometers - up to + 15 ° C. The wind is variable 3-8 m / s. Relative air humidity - 74%.

In Lago-Naki - cloudy, at night - rain, turning into sleet. At night the thermometers will show + 2 ° С, by noon it will get warmer up to + 13 ° С. The wind is variable 3-14 m / s.

Cloudy weather is also expected in Guzeripl on the 24th, and rain with sleet at night. At night, on thermometers - only + 1 ° С, during the day the air will warm up to + 16 ° С with a variable wind of 4-15 m / s.

The village of Dakhovskaya
In Dakhovskaya it is mostly cloudy, at night forecasters promise rain, turning into sleet. The night air temperature will not exceed 2 ° С of heat, during the day the air will warm up to + 16 ° С; wind with variable directions 3-10 m / s.

Mezmay and Guamka (Karasnodar region) 
In Mezmay and Guamka - cloudy weather, from the second half of the day there will be rains, by night - with sleet. The night air temperature will be 2 ° С, daytime - 15-16 ° С; the wind will be northwest, north 2-10 m / s.