Kaffed supports the term "Circassian" and does not agree with Sokhrokov's statements

Meeting of ICA - left: Ramazan Tlimishok and president of Kaffed Eldiz Shakirdgi

The Federation of the Caucasian associations (Kaffed) in Turkey does not agree with the statements of the president of the international Circassian association (ICA) Hauti Sokhrokov regarding the census of the population that is currently taking place in the Russian Federation. The president's call to register in the census as a Kabardian is not acceptable to the Kaffed and a letter on this issue was sent to the president, - such a statement was published in the website of the Kaffed, kaffed.org.

The website writes that at a meeting held by the international Circassian association, there was a discussion on the issue of the census of the population in the Russian Federation, in which the representatives of the Kaffed supported the registration of the term "Circassian" in the census. There were differing opinions at the meeting, so it was decided to set up a committee to examine this issue. The committee headed by the head of the public organization "Adyghe Khasse - Circassian Parliament"  of the Republic of Adygea Ramazan Tlimishok.

The website also states that the Kaffed warned and demanded that the president of the international Circassian association should not make public statements in such issues without a discussion in the bodies of the association.

the letter of Kaffed