Kumpilov urged residents of Adygea to take part in the population census

On October 15, the All-Russian Population Census will begin in the Russian Federation.

The head of Adygea, Murat Kumpilov, called this event one of the most important ones to assess the situation in the economy, social sphere and take the necessary steps to improve the lives of citizens,- news agency Adygea Today reports.

“Based on the collected statistics, strategic decisions will be made in all areas, new government programs will be formed. It is important that the census covers the maximum number of people living in our country,” the head of the republic said.

Kumpilov called on all residents of the Republic of Adygea to take part in the All-Russian population census.

The population census will continue until November 14.

In recent months, Circassian activists have stepped up their efforts on this issue and carried out many actions. Two weeks ago, they also published a statement calling on Circassians to register themselves Circassians. You can read the statement at this link: Call of Circassian organizations for the All-Russian population census: We Are Circassians.