More than 450,000 have visited the Caucasian reserve this year

For 9 months of 2021, the Caucasian Reserve was visited by more than 450 thousand guests.

Of these, about 100 thousand have been on multi-day tourist routes. According to statistics, the highest demand is for route no. 8a and a parking lot on the Bzerpinskiy cornice, and various options for route no. 30 and the Fisht shelter,- Adygea Today reports.

Meanwhile, researchers note that such a trend can have a detrimental effect on a unique corner of nature, if the tourist flow is not controlled and the necessary infrastructure is not created to protect nature.

The Caucasian Reserve - Caucasian State Natural Biosphere Reserve. The largest in territory and the oldest, specially protected natural area in the North Caucasus. Located within three constituent entities of the Russian Federation - Krasnodar Territory, the Republic of Adygea and the Karachay-Circassia Republic.

The reserve is located in the Western Caucasus, on the border of the temperate and subtropical climatic zones. It is the largest mountain-forest reserve in Europe. The total area of ​​the reserve is over 280 thousand hectares.

On February 19, 1979, by the decision of UNESCO, the Caucasian Reserve was given the status of a biosphere.

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