The Federation of the Caucasian Associations demands the president of ICA to apologize to the journalist

The Federation of the Caucasian Associations (Kaffed) in Turkey, on October 17, posted on its website ( a statement condemning the president of the International Circassian Association (ICA) Hauti Sokhrokov for his unkind attitude towards the Circassian journalist Asya Ismailov who interviewed him. The association also asks Sokhrokov to publicly apologize to the journalist.

The Kaffed further says in the statement that the president's manner of speaking towards the journalist was degrading and showed disrespect towards women and this behavior is contrary to human rights principles. The Kaffed also calls on the president of the ICA not to do such things in the future.

It should be noted that the interview that Asya Ismailov did with Hauti Sokhrokov was about the census that is currently being held in the Russian Federation. In this interview Sokhrokov called on people to register in the census as Kabardians, Shapsugs etc, and this goes against the ICA's bylaws and the decisions that were made in the past which say that the Circassians are one people whose name in the Circassian language is Adyghe and in other languages ​​Circassians.