USA will defend Taiwan in case of aggression from China

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The United States is ready to defend Taiwan in the event of a possible military aggression by China, US President Joe Biden said.

"Yes. We have a commitment to do this," Biden said during his conversation with voters on CNN,- Ria news reports.

Thus, he answered a journalist's question about "whether the United States will come to the defense of Taiwan in the event of an attack from China."

According to the American leader, the whole world knows that the United States has "the most powerful armed forces in world history." Therefore, other countries, including Russia and China, will not be able to surpass the Americans in the military sphere,- reports.

“Don't worry that they can surpass us. One thing to worry about is that they may take action that will prompt them to make serious mistakes, ”he said.

Earlier, the American corporation RAND stated that the United States is superior in its military power to Russia and China.