Ambulance doctors in Adygea receive more than 4 thousand calls a week

The number of calls every day is in the hundreds, of which a quarter comes from patients with suspected coronavirus.

According to the chief physician, today the republican ambulance station is 90% loaded . 11 dispatchers are taking calls at the republican ambulance station around the clock. They practically do not leave the phones. But the biggest influx of calls awaits in the afternoon.

 - In the evening from 4 pm they call most of all, every 2-3 minutes. We have involved all dispatchers to receive them, - Maryet Shhalakho said , a paramedic of the operational dispatch department of the Adyghe Republican Ambulance Station.

Over the past week, an anti-record was recorded for the number of incoming calls - 4379. This  was not even in December, when it was believed that the republic was at the peak of a pandemic.

Chief physician Akhmed Siyukhov does not hide the fact that the ambulance in Adygea today works at the limit of its capabilities and barely manages to maintain the "gold standard" of time to reach the patient.

- We are now working 90 percent of our reserve. Each covid call takes a longer amount of time, respectively, the service time of each call is lengthened, and this deteriorates the quality and time of reaching other calls, - the chief physician of the Adyghe Republican Ambulance Station Akhmed Siyukhov said .

45 brigades are on duty every day, 18 of them in Maikop. And that's not counting those who directly work only with covid patients. - Often, such patients need emergency hospitalization and qualified assistance.

Most patients are moderately severe. There are also vaccinated people, but they, as a rule, tolerate everything much easier than unvaccinated ones, -  the paramedic of emergency medical aid Aytech Afaunov said .

Ambulance workers hope that the non-working day regime will work and the dangerous virus will weaken its position. So that the entire health care system of the republic can finally return to work as usual.

Source: Adygea TV