Bzhania and Vlasov discussed the issue of increasing the number of Cossacks in Abkhazia

From right: Aslan Bzhania and Alexander Vlasov (in middle)
Photo: Sputnik / Marianna Kubrava

In Sukhum, on Friday, November 19, President of Abkhazia Aslan Bzhania held a meeting with Deputy Governor of the Krasnodar Territory Alexander Vlasov,- Sputnik News Agency reports.

Opening the meeting, the head of Abkhazia greeted the delegation and noted that interaction with the neighboring region of Abkhazia is of great importance for the republic.

In turn, Alexander Vlasov thanked the president for the meeting.
"I have a lot of impressions, because I am for the first time in your republic, in Abkhazia. Indeed, we remember all the events that took place on the territory of Abkhazia, the Kuban Cossack army supported you, and we will continue our close mutual cooperation, at any time you can count on our support," Vlasov said.

Vlasov stressed that the Cossack department is located on the territory of Abkhazia, and added that it is necessary for it to develop, become larger in number and provide assistance to the authorities of Abkhazia.

Aslan Bzhania expressed his readiness to maintain and develop relations with the Cossacks of the Krasnodar Territory.