Circassian activists organized a collection of signatures in support of Saakashvili

President of Georgia Mikheil Saakashvili speaks about the Circassian Genocide in the United Nations on 2013

“In fact, a person who 10 years ago had enough Spirit despite very strong external pressure to recognize the genocide of the Circassian people at the state level has the right to count, if not on a special attitude, then simply on human attention and sympathy from the Circassians all over the world, especially now when he found himself in a difficult situation, being in fact a political prisoner.

We do not expect anything from the International Circassian Association (ICA) for well-known reasons, but in the world, besides it, there are enough various Circassian organizations representing the national movement. Where are they? Why are they silent? Why, with the exception of a few individual activists and just decent people, none of these organizations came out with an Appeal to the Georgian authorities with a demand on behalf of the Circassian people to release Saakashvili or at least to provide him with humane treatment? Why did the Circassians in different countries of the world did not go to the Georgian embassy in support of this person, independently or together with the Georgians, as the Chechens did in Paris? Maybe Saakashvili did more for the Chechen people than for the Circassian?

Is this the same Khabze, according to which our ancestors lived and which today you like to talk  about it so much and beautifully here on the net?

Whoever agrees to support the one who supported our people, please write the word "I sign" in the comments.

A group of Circassian activists 

Source: facebook