Circassian from the USA became the coach of Maykop FC "Druzhba"

Circassian from the USA Bibert Chegedu has been the head coach of the Maykop football team "Druzhba" in the Republic of Adygea.

Previously, Bibert Chegedu played football in the teams "Spartak-Nalchik" in Kabardino-Balkaria, "Kolos" Krasnodar and in the Jordanian national team. He has been a coach since 2008 - in various leagues in America.

“Born in another country, having family and friends in America, I feel happy at home. I feel at home in Maykop. I would be happy if I could benefit my country,” Bibert Chegedu said.

According to him, he is grateful to those who honored him with this honor. “I will do my best to make Druzhba a strong team,” he noted.