Germany and Japan start joint naval exercises in the Pacific

Germany and Japan on Thursday began joint naval exercises in the Pacific Ocean south of Tokyo. This was announced by the command of the Naval Self-Defense Forces of Japan, TASS reports.

On the German side, the military frigate Bavaria, which became the first German military vessel to visit Japan in the past 20 years, is taking part in the two-day exercises. Japanese Defense Minister Nobuo Kishi is expected to examine him on Friday. The Japanese destroyer "Samidare" is taking part in the maneuvers.

On August 2, the battleship Bavaria departed for the Indian and Pacific Oceans on a long mission to demonstrate its presence and strengthen military contacts with Japan, Australia and South Korea.

In April, the German government announced that it would intensify its security policy in Asia and, above all, would coordinate more closely with Japan.

The German Defense Ministry emphasized that Germany is in favor of creating a transparent, inclusive and rule-based order in the Indo-Pacific region.