Temrezov honored the memory of the victims on the Day of the deportation of the Karachay people

The head of the Karachay-Circassian Republic, Rashid Temrezov, took part in a commemorative event dedicated to the Day of the deportation of the Karachay people, held in the Malokarachaevsky district.

At the beginning of the mourning event, the chairman of the Coordination Center for Muslims of the North Caucasus, chairman of the Presidium of the muslims of Karachay-Circassia, Ismail-Khadzhi Berdiev, together with the participants in the ceremony, performed a dua rite for those who died during the years of the deportation.

“Today, on the Day of the 78th anniversary of the deportation of the Karachay people, we honor the blessed memory of those who did not return from deportation to their homes. Together with Mufti Ismail-Khadzhi Berdiev, head of the Malokarachaevsky district administration Ramazan Bayramukov, we laid flowers at the memorial dedicated to the memory of the victims of deportation in Uchkeken, ” Rashid Temrezov wrote in his Instagram page.

Let us remind you that the Karachays were in exile for a long 14 years. But despite the hardships and difficulties, they managed to withstand and return to their historical homeland.

Every year, on this day, thousands of people gather at the memorial to honor the memory of those who became victims of genocide, this year, due to the coronavirus pandemics, the number of people taking part was limited.

Let us recall that all fraternal peoples of the Republic perceive this date as a symbol of the triumph of freedom, truth, goodness and justice. And this day has become one of the brightest days in the life of all the peoples of Karachay-Circassia, which is the most important factor in strengthening the unity of the peoples of the Republic.