The Circassian Historical-Geographical Society strengthens relations with Western Circassians

In the photo (from right to left): Beslan Khagazhey, Majid Utyzh, Nurzhan Emykova, Khashirov Asker, Tlehuch Aydamir

Representatives of the Circassian (Adyghe) Historical and Geographical Society Asker Khashirov (chairman) and Beslan Khagazhey, accompanied by a Circassian activist Majid Utyzh, visited the Republic of Adygea and the black sea area of Shapsugia on November 18-21,- Information Agency NatPress reports.

The purpose of the visit was to meet people who can take part in the restoration of the Circassian toponymy of the Western Caucasus. The first person with whom the meeting was held is Khamed Khasanov, the author of the map of Circassia - before the Russian-Caucasian war. He told the guests, in particular, that he continues to work on the map and, tentatively, he will need about two more years.

The next day, the delegation went to the Black Sea coast, where they planned to meet with Kazbek Kobzh. On the way back to Maykop, the delegation met with Nurzhan Emykova, senior researcher at the Adyghean Republican Institute for Humanitarian Research named after T.M. Kerashev, who is engaged in the collection of toponymic data at a high scientific level and the installation of their sound in Circassian dialects.

The Circassian historical-geographical Society organization was estableshed on September 4 this year, in the city of Nalchik, the capital of the Kabardino-Balkarian Republic. Read our report: CircassianPress.

This is the map of Circassia prepared by Khamed Khasanov under the auspices of the "Adyghe Khase" movement and