The election joke of the Caucasian Federation (Kaffed)

Today there was elections for the so-called the Federation of the Caucasian organizations in Turkey. We will act like this organization and will not list details about the election and who the candidates are, but we will talk about how this organization adversely affecting the Circassian people.

The first thing is the name of this organization which is not expressing the fact that ninety-five percent of the members of this organization are Circassians. And, here the question arises, why such organization have a non-Circassian name? In our opinion this thing was dictated by the Turkish authorities from decades ago who saw every strong minority as a danger to the existence of Turkey and this was one of the methods of dissolving the Circassians in Turkey thus banned them to use Circassian names and also banned them to use the national name. Currently there is a change in Turkey's attitude towards minorities in the country and many restrictions that minorities have had, have been removed. But over the decades the Circassians have become accustomed to the term Caucasus and a large proportion of them are unwilling to give up that name even though it greatly slowing the progress of the Circassian people.

The Caucasus is a large region and is inhabited by dozens of different peoples and the Circassians in Turkey, instead of engaging in the whole Caucasus, they must start dealing with the Circassian issue, which is in a very bad situation in all respects, language, culture and others.

The second thing we will talk about is the way that elections are conducted in this organization. About a month ago they (Kaffed) posted an announcement on their website ( that an election is taking place in November, and since then we have not seen anything else related to the election not only on their website and also even on social media. 

As is well known and customary in any normal place in the world, when elections are held for any body, first thing should be done is presentation of the candidates to be elected, and then presentation of the program work of the candidates, and after that there are a debates between the candidates both at conferences and in the media. In the case of the Kaffed we saw nothing of what we mentioned and there was not even a publication of the names of the candidates to be elected to the position of head of the Kaffed and to its various bodies.

What's even funnier is that a group of Circassians from the Circassian homeland issued a statement expressing their support for some candidate to the post of the president of the Kaffed. In that statement like the way of the Kaffed there is no presentation of details about the candidate in terms of personality or his program work, and even here hardly they mentioned the last name of the candidate. This statement has been signed by over 15 people and we are sure none of them know the candidate they support. If we explain how it happened, then it goes like this: A Circassian in Turkey who is involved in the elections in Kaffed calls his Circassian friend from the Circassian homeland and asks him to write a statement of support for his candidate, and also explains that the candidate is a good guy and will work for the Circassians. The one in Circassia tells him back, well, if you say so then we will write a letter and starts talking to his friends to sign the letter.

This is how a federation election campaign is conducted, of which 65 organizations are members.

Is it possible to call this an election? even calling it a bad joke is too much.