In Adygea, in 2021 housing construction was increased to 307 thousand s-meters

According to the Ministry of Construction of the Republic of Adygea, in 2021, 307 thousand square meters of housing buildings were built in the republic. An increase of 119% compared to the previous year.

Individual housing was built 204 thousand square meters and 103 thousand square meters of multi-storey housing - a total of 23 apartment buildings were built.

According to the Minister of Construction of Adygea Valery Kartamyshev, in Adygea by 2030 it is necessary to achieve indicators of housing construction in the amount of 2 million 745 thousand square meters.

The growth of housing construction in Adygea is due to the fact that in recent years in the Takhutimkuay district of Adygea there is a great demand for the purchase of land and a demand for the purchase of apartments in areas close to the city of Krasnodar.