The Circassian Association of Samson held a "Haluj Evening"

The Circassian Association in the city of Samson in Turkey with the help of volunteers held an evening of Circassian culture which is held every year in December. This evening is called "Haluj Evening". (Haluj is a Circassian Pie with Circassian Cheese).

In the evening, guests tasted Circassian haluj and then there was a show by Circassian musicians who played Circassian music. Also, at this event, the head of the association give certificates of thanks to the association's activists. And, of course, they continue the evening with Circassian national dances.

In Samson County, Circassians live in all of the county's cities and in about 40 Circassian villages.

More photos can be seen on the association's Facebook page: