Turkish Consulate General plans to move from Novorossiysk to Krasnodar

Photo: kubnews.ru

The Turkish Consulate General plans to move from the port city of Novorossiysk in the black sea to the capital of Krasnodar region, the city of Krasnodar. The head of Krasnodar, Andrei Alekseenko, discussed this issue with the Turkish Consul General Firat Bayar,- kommersant reports.

An office space has already been specially selected in Krasnodar to accommodate a diplomatic mission. Andrei Alekseenko believes that the move of the Turkish Consulate General to Krasnodar will contribute to even closer contacts with the Turkish side in many areas and fields.

He also noted that Krasnodar is ready to consider options for the participation of Turkish business in the creation of industrial production and logistics centers in the city.

“Krasnodar region is the closest region to Turkey, and for us relations with you are of great importance, there are many Turkish companies and investors working here. And, despite the pandemic, in our country in 2021 there were most tourists from Russia - and we are very happy about that,” Firat Bayar said.