A center for the research of Circassia began to operate in Ankara

According to a post published in Turkish and Russian languages on the website of the movement of Circassia (infocherkessia), January 18 in the city of Ankara (Turkey) began to operate a center for historical and sociological research of Circassia. We present this message as posted on the movement's website.

The Center for Historical and Sociological Research on Circassia 

The history of the Circassians (Adyghe) is rich and interesting, replete with ancient myths and strong traditions that make the social structure of this people unique; a way of life based on the desire to live in harmony with nature - the main source of wealth throughout human history.

We want the history and culture of the Circassians to be studied comprehensively in order to obtain in the process of studying orderly information that can lift the curtain of the future. And in this future, we wish the Circassian community to regain its rightful place in the world.

In connection with the goals, the Center for Historical and Sociological Research on Circassia was founded. It is well known that the Circassians are the autochthonous population of the North Caucasus, one of the most numerous before the beginning of the Russian-Circassian war of the XIX century.

The first, in the modern sense, the foundations of the statehood of the Circassians were laid in 1861, when the first all-Adyghe Mejlis (Khase) was created on the Black Sea coast in the Sochi region.

Despite the tragedy experienced, today there are about five million Circassians in more than forty countries of the world.

About one million - in their historical homeland (North Caucasus, Russian Federation). The Circassian people have their own territorial formations in six constituent entities of the Russian Federation. (three of them have the status of republic: Adygea, Karachay-Circassia and Kabardino-Balkaria)

We are aware that our path will be long and difficult. We have to study a huge number of sources, flip through many books, get acquainted with various interpretations of Circassian history. This requires great responsibility and dedication to scrupulously rework existing works and create new ones.

We must collect and systematize the works of various authors, explore archival materials, and try to find documents that have not been introduced into scientific circulation before. The results of our activities must be presented to the public.

We want to open ourselves to the world, and make the world open to us. We thank all those who studied the problems of the history and culture of the Circassian society. In turn, we will cooperate with scientists conducting academic research on Circassian issues.

We will also allocate grants to students who wish to study in their historical homeland. We will organize discussions, seminars and conferences with the participation of local and foreign institutions and organizations. The events will focus on the history and culture of Circassia.

The problems of relations between the state and society, democracy, pluralism will also be considered. The research results will be published in different languages ​​in the form of bulletins. We plan to create a format in which we will have the opportunity to support everyone who, regardless of where they live, conducts research in any of the stated topics.

Particular attention will be paid to young researchers studying the history and culture of the Circassian people. At this stage, anyone can contribute to the work of the Center by providing training aids, human and financial resources. Such assistance will be directed to young researchers.

Circassia is the historical homeland of the Circassians. Today, other peoples also live here: Russians, Karachays, Balkars, Abaza, Nogais, Armenians.
Such multicultural diversity is our advantage, and we will try to build a bright future together, thereby defining our role in human history.

We believe that we will achieve good results.

Center for Historical and Sociological Research on Circassia (TSISCH).

Board of Founders:

Chairman: Gonezhuk Saim Atylgan
Secretary: T'lepseruko Tarik Topchu
Deputy: Tsey Eshref Basch
Deputy: Bizh Mehmet Yener
Member: Besny Sate Besley
Member: T'lepseruko Sinem Topchu
Member: Sergush Ilknur Kuyu

January 18, 2022