A contract was signed for the publication of a 30-volume series "Europe and Circassia"

Azamat Kumykov - Photo: uork888 (instagram)

A contract was signed with the famous German scientific publishing house "De Greuther" for the publication of a 30-volume series "Europe and Circassia: 1760-1870".

The series, which will be released within 10-12 years, will include previously unpublished materials from manuscripts found in the archives of Great Britain, the USA, the Netherlands, Ukraine, Georgia, Turkey, Iran, Austria, Italy.

The series will include truly rare materials - diaries of de Scassi and Taebout de Marigny, materials on Sefer Zanoko and Sheikh Mansur, diplomatic correspondence and intelligence reports of the powers involved in the Circassian issue.

The project is a collaboration between a large group of scholars from several countries and aims to return Circassian historiography to its rightful place in European history. Documents will be given in books in their original languages ​​with English and Russian translations, with high-resolution scans of attached documents.

The project was initiated by Azamat Kumykov, a graduate of Yale University, now a graduate student at Cambridge. Documents collected during research as part of his doctoral dissertation.

Source: facebook.com