Famous Circassian Islamic philosopher Tsei Jawdat Saeed passed away

The Circassian Islamic thinker and cleric Sheikh Tsei Jawdat Saeed died in the late hours of Saturday, January 29, 2022, at his residence in Turkey, at the age of 91, according to Turkish media reports, Sunday, January 30. He was born in the Circassian village of Bir-Ajam, in the Quneitra Governorate in southern Syria in 1931, and studied Sharia sciences at Al-Azhar Al-Sharif in Egypt.

The Islamic thinker and philosopher Jawdat Said has written many books that dealt with intellectual and social topics and research, most notably “until they change what is in themselves” and “Be like a son of Adam.”

Jawdat Saeed, who speaks Arabic and Circassian languages, is also considered one of the most prominent contemporary Islamic thinkers and known as an advocate of nonviolence in the Islamic world. He expressed his happiness with this description on several occasions, and the first thing he wrote in the early sixties was his book (The Doctrine of the First Son of Adam, or The Problem of Violence in Islamic Action), which discusses the principle of nonviolence and its root relationship to Islam.