In Turkey, will set up a support office for returning to the Circassian homeland

On February 14 and under the auspices of the Caucasian Federation in Turkey (Kaffed), an online meeting of representatives of the Circassian Association in Ankara and the Caucasian Association in Istanbul was held to discuss the establishment of an office that would provide support and advice to those who wish to return to the Circassian homeland. This is reported by the website of the Caucasian Federation.

At the meeting, opinions and ideas were exchanged between the participants on this issue and it was also decided to hold another meeting next week and which of the meeting participants will bring a detailed plan regarding the work of the office.

It should be mentioned that there are many obstacles facing Circassians who want to return to their homeland such as the obligation to know the Russian language in order to obtain a temporary residence permit or a permanent residence permit in the Russian Federation.

During the Syrian civil war, more than 30,000 Circassians left this country, of whom only 2,000 managed to reach the historic homeland of Circassia in the Caucasus.