Residents of the republic voted for the best slogan for the 100th anniversary of Adygea

Voting for the best slogan dedicated to the 100th anniversary of the statehood of Adygea has ended. The data is published on the website of the Ministry of Culture of the republic.

In total, more than 1600 people took part in the voting. Residents chose from six options. The slogan "Adygea - a small republic with a big heart" gained the most votes - 48.9%. The second most popular was “The Republic of Adygea is a hundred years old. Adyghe Khabze - forever!", in third place - "Adygea - a hundred years of tranquility and peace."

In addition, residents could offer their own version. In total, more than 100 alternative versions were sent.

We thank the residents of the republic for their activity. Voting data and proposed options will be submitted for consideration to the organizing committee for the celebration. It will finally decide the fate of the slogans, determine which of them will be used on banners, in souvenirs and wherever it is possible to use the logo of the celebration, the ministry said.