The All-Russian Officers' Assembly opposes the war with Ukraine

A group of retired military members of the "All-Russian Officers' Assembly" opposed the war with Ukraine

In their opinion, the invasion of the territory of Ukraine will call into question the existence of Russia as a state, and the citizens of neighboring countries will forever turn into mortal enemies. The head of the All-Russian Officers' Assembly, retired Colonel General Leonid Ivashov writes about this in an statement directed to President Vladimir Putin and to the Russians,- Radio echo of Moscow reports.

He calls the actions of the Russian authorities a criminal provocation of war with Ukraine. This, according to Ivashov, will help Vladimir Putin stay in power for a while. In the statement, the retired military criticizes the current system of power, which, according to Ivashov, has led the country to a steady degradation, including demographics, and all vital areas.

It should be noted that the organization that issued the statement mainly includes retired and reserve officers who have served in the armed forces, law enforcement agencies and other law enforcement agencies.

The Russian version of the statment can be found here:

Chairman of the All-Russian Officers' Assembly Colonel-General Ivashov L.G.