The head of Adygea announced the stabilization of the flood situation

In the village of Assokolai in the Teuchezhsky district of Adygea, which was partially affected by the flood, the situation is stabilizing. The water is gradually receding, but the cleanup work continues. This was announced on his Instagram page by the head of the republic, Murat Kumpilov.

On February 2, the Marta River, which overflowed its banks due to heavy snowmelt, flooded 15 private houses and 15 household plots in the village of Assokolai in the Teuchezhsky district of Adygea.

Today I visited the Teuchezhsky district, assessed the current situation. Unfortunately, we repeatedly encounter similar natural disasters, so the algorithm of actions in such situations is already known. Now the leadership of the municipality and rural settlements needs to control all the work to eliminate the consequences of the disaster, clear the streets and roads. In addition, it is important to continue monitoring the flood situation. In case of its deterioration, be ready for a prompt response and maximum prevention of the negative consequences of the flood, -  Murat Kumpilov wrote.