Jordanian authorities arrest Finnish Circassian activist

On the social network Facebook, Circassian activists posted comments about the arrest of Circassian activist Salam Arslan Misha in the capital Amman.

The reason for the arrest of the activist is not clear, but judging by the reaction of Circassian activists, a heated discussion broke out on social networks between Salam Arslan and another Circassian from Jordan who complained to the Amman police, claiming that Arslan spoke badly about King Abdullah II of Jordan.

Circassian activists also wrote that the Finnish consulate had intervened and was handling the release of Salam Arslan from prison.

Salam Arslan Misha was born and raised in Syria. About twenty years ago he returned to the Circassian homeland and lived there for 10 years before moving to Finland with his wife and three children.