Turkey: Another organization joined the "Circassian Federation"

 Mumen Khadzhibayram (left) and Nusret Bash

On March 26, 2022, President of the Circassian Federation (CherkesFed) of Turkey Nusret Bash and its secretary Yilmaz Tsey visited the Adyghe-Caucasian Khase, whose office is located in Istanbul. The reason for the visit was Khase's desire to join the Federation.

The guests were met by the chairman of the Adyghe-Caucasian Khase Mumen Khadzhibayram and members of the Executive Committee of the organization. The chairman spoke about the goals and objectives of his organization and about what it was created for.

Nusret Bash, in his response, approved the entry of the Adyghe-Caucasian Khase into the Circassian Federation and noted that the Federation was taking steps to improve its activities.

The initiators and founders of the Adyghe-Caucasian Khase were Circassians-Syrian refugees who left the country and came to Turkey. Therefore, at this meeting, the problems of refugees from Syria in Turkey and possible solutions were discussed.

It should be noted that the Circassian Federation was established 10 years ago. And over the past time it included 14 organizations. The Federation is actively working to solve the problems of the Circassian people, paying due attention to the connection between its foreign diaspora and those who live in their historical homeland Circassia in the Caucasus.

The federation website can be found at cerkesfed.org.