Adygea: Day of the "Khalyzhu" will be held in "Rufabgo"

June 18 at the waterfalls "Rufabgo" in the Republic of Adygea (Caucasus) will be held a festive day "Adyghe Khalyzhu" - Circassian pastry with cheese.

Within the framework of the festive day, five contests will be held between the participants - masters in the preparation of "khalyzhu" in the following nominations:

- "Nane yi khalyzhu" ("Grandmother's khalyzhu");

- “Kazighezezhyghe khalyzhu” (“khalyzhu who returned to his homeland”);

- “Bisimguashem yikhalyzhu” (“khalyzhu of the hostess”);

- "Nise aap" ("Bride's Hands");

- "Mefech khalyzhu" ("Festive khalyzhu").

Craftswomen from all regions of the Republic of Adygea are invited to the competition. In each nomination, the best craftswomen will be identified, who will be awarded cash prizes. The most distinguished needlewomen will be rewarded with national souvenirs.

The program of the holiday also includes educational excursions, competitions for visitors to the holiday, and a concert program.