The Circassian conference in Istanbul is following the failed path of the ICA

Today, in the city of Istanbul, the so-called Third International Circassian Conference was closed. About 70 people from 15 different countries spoke at the conference. Each presented his views on the Circassian issues.

Our blog will comment on this event at some points that we think are very important to the progress of the Circassians.

The first point we noticed is the name given to this conference, the Third International Circassian  Conference, before that there were the Second Conference and the First Conference. Here the question is asked what is the meaning or what do the organizers mean by the words "first and second and third conference", probably and in the opinion of the organizers, in the past there were no international Circassian conferences. And this is very strange because in the past there have been dozens of international Circassian conferences. If we take for example the conferences of the International Circassian Association, all its conferences are international, if we take the conferences that were towards Georgia's recognition of the Circassian genocide, or the conferences that were in the European Parliament, they are all international Circassian conferences. So why did the conference organizers call it that? Because and they think they are the ones who discovered America and all the others did not discover anything. Such thinking shows a kind of egoism, unknowledge of national and international processes.

The second point we will talk about is what the goals of the conference are and what its results are. Here, too, one can see on the lack of knowledge and inexperience how to work with problems of the Circassians. And as this point it should be emphasized that no great effort is needed in order to know how to work with the nation - one should simply look at other nations whose situation was like the Circassian situation and copy from them the ways which are suitable for the Circassians.

Take for example the slogan of the conference in Istanbul "Together for a better future", a slogan that says nothing in practical terms, does not indicate a particular goal or direction, just meaningless beautiful words. Moreover, at the conference, sub-slogans were heard, such as "we should meet each other", "we should get to know each other", funny slogans in our eyes in such conferences - whether it is an acquaintance club or what?.
If we take the Jews as an example, then at their first conference they decided to establish a Jewish state, if we take the Palestinians as an example, then they also decided to establish a state. These goals and decisions are clear and understandable to every person and even to every little child.

From what we have seen the organizers and also the participants in this conference in Istanbul are following exactly the failed path of the first Circassian Congress which took place thirty years ago, there are no clear goals, no clear path and no practical action that could advance the Circassians.

At such conferences a big and clear goal should be set, and here we will clarify that a big goal means a goal that suits a nation of 7 million people and not a goal of like: setting up a dance band or publishing a book or setting up a dating club and so on.