In Adygea, the area of ​​fruit plantations will be increased by 275 hectares

Photo: Alexey Gusev - "Soviet Adygea"

In the Republic of Adygea, the area of ​​fruit plantations will be increased by 275 hectares - almost up to 4.5 thousand hectares. This was announced in his telegram channel by the head of the republic Murat Kumpilov.

- In crop production, we focused on the laying of perennial plantations. This year it is planned to plant them on 275 hectares, including 116 hectares of intensive gardens. In total, the total area of ​​fruit plantations in the region is more than 4200 hectares. Basically, these are apple orchards of an intensive type - about 2 thousand hectares. Florina, idared, delicious, granny smith, golden - these varieties of apples from Adygea will go on sale both in the republic and in other regions for a long period, - Murat Kumpilov wrote.

The head of Adygea added that farmers expect a good harvest this year: experts predict that the gross harvest of fruit and berry crops in 2022 will exceed 38 thousand tons. For the preservation of fruits, farms already have storage facilities with a total capacity of 18.1 thousand tons. It is planned to build fruit storage facilities for another 13,000 tons.

 - In the new economic conditions, we see many opportunities for our enterprises, including in the agricultural sector. It is important that they can quickly reformat their work and occupy the niches that appear in the food market. We will actively assist them in this,” Murat Kumpilov said.