Internet map with the names of the Circassian villages and the places of the Narts

Similar to the Google map, a new website has appeared on the Internet which shows a map with the names of the Circassian villages both in the Circassian homeland and in the Circassian diaspora. Also the map shows the names of the places of the ancient Narts.

This map does not contain all the names of the Circassian villages, but this work is a good start and we hope that in the near future the names of the missing villages will be added.

Let's recall that until 1864 there were over 6 thousand Circassian (Adyghe) villages in the Circassian homeland (North Caucasus). After the end of the Russian-Caucasian War and after the mass deportation of the Circassians from the Circassian homeland into the Ottoman Empire, less than a hundred Circassian villages remained in the Circassian homeland.

You can see the map at this address:


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