Adygea celebrates the Day of the Circassian national costume


Today, September 28, is the Day of the Circassian (Adyghe) national costume. The head of the Republic of Adygea Murat Kumpilov, congratulated the inhabitants of the republic and all the Circassians in the world  (compatriots) on this holiday in his telegram channel.

He noted that the Circassian costume  is one of the brightest symbols of the Circassian people. Its beauty, thoughtfulness of every detail, practicality in everyday life and in camp life has been described more than once in historical and fiction literature.

Murat Kumpilov also noted that not a single Circassian (Adyghe) wedding and celebration today can do without the Adyghe Shuashe - the national costume. Our young people put it on with great respect and pleasure, they are proud of their roots, they preserve their identity. Male and female Circassian costumes reflect the dignity, etiquette and refined taste of our distant ancestors. Many peoples borrowed elements of the Adyghe culture, which made it possible for the Circassian costume to become pan-Caucasian. Today it and its elements can be seen not only in the Caucasus, but also in the protection of the Jordanian king, whose security is provided by representatives of the Circassian diaspora. In the Cossack villages and farms, it also fell in love.

- I am sure that as an element of ethnic identity, the national costume of the Circassians will continue to be the embodiment of the best manifestations and qualities of our people! – Murat Kumpilov wrote.

In addition, the head of the republic wished health, creative success and long life to the fashion designer, honored cultural worker Yuri Makhmudovich Stash, whose birthday was chosen as the date of the National Circassian Costume Day.

The holiday was established on the initiative of the republican public movement "Adyghe Khase - Circassian Parliament" 11 years ago.

On this day, in the Circassian homeland and in the Circassian diaspora, there will be exhibitions on the Circassian national costume and show dances with the national dress.