Adygea: Circassian salt was exported to Azerbaijan for the first time


The first batch of Circassian (Adyghe) salt, which is a branded product of Adygea, was exported to Azerbaijan,- the Ministry of Economic Development and Trade of the Republic of Adygea ( reports.

- With the assistance of the Export Support Center of Adygea, the main producer of the Adyghe salt in the republic is IP Khuazhev A.Z. ( - Last year, he took part in the international food industry exhibition "Interfood Azerbaijan-2021", at which preliminary negotiations were held with the Azerbaijani company Sun Food LLC. Now the companies have signed a contract. The products were exported to the Republic of Azerbaijan for the first time,”,- head of the Export Support Center Ali Dedukhov said.

The export operation took place thanks to state support provided under the national project "Small and medium-sized businesses and support for individual entrepreneurial initiatives."

The center also specified that in the future it is planned to organize a business mission to Azerbaijan in order to expand mutually beneficial cooperation between the enterprises of Adygea and Azerbaijan.

Circassian (Adyghe) salt is a product, the recipe of which is rooted in the ancient traditions of the Circassian national cuisine. The manufacturing technology of the product is not based on simple mixing of seasonings, spices and salt, but on the absorption of the beneficial properties of garlic, seasonings and spices into salt crystals, such as coriander, chaman, jata, savory, dill, parsley, red bell pepper, black pepper, etc. Edible salt, saturated with the beneficial properties of the above components, penetrates deeply into the prepared dish, enriching it with vitamins, imparting a delicious taste and a pleasant appetizing aroma.

Circassian salt is used instead of ordinary salt in the preparation of first courses, second courses, salads, pickles, twists, pickles, when pickling vegetables, meat products, fish, etc.