Caucasian Humanitarian Crisis Committee established in Turkey


Participants of the consultation meeting which held in the office of the Istanbul Caucasian Cultural Association on September 29, 2022, with the participation of the Federation of Caucasian Associations, the Federation of Circassian Associations, Shamil Foundation, Alan Foundation, Caucasian Foundation, Adyghe Khase, Istanbul Circassian Association, Istanbul United Caucasus Association and the Circassian Women's Society announced the establishment of the North Caucasus Humanitarian Crisis Committee. 

The committee gathered again in online on 04.10.2022 and decided to make several committees that will work in several fields.

We took this information from the committee's Facebook page, where several posts were published, the last of which talks about the committee's goal - to help people from the North Caucasus who fled Russia in the last month because of the war in Ukraine.