Circassian activists from around the world founded a new Circassian movement


Last month Circassian activists from Europe, Russia, the United States, Jordan, Israel and Turkey held a conference via the Internet and discussed the establishment of a new national movement called "Free Circassia".

The initiative to establish the movement came from the Circassian activist from the Republic of Kabardino-Balkaria Ebrahim Yegan, whos today is in one of the European countries. Yagan's proposal included three goals: establishing a national movement called "Free Circassia", establishing a Circassian national fund, as well as preparing a letter of request to the parliament of Ukraine to recognize the Circassian genocide.

All the participants in the conference expressed their support for this proposal and also talked about the ways to promote the new movement.

You can see the conference in the video below. There the participants spoke in Russian and English.