Jordan: On October 22, elections will be held in the Circassian Association of Wadi Al-seer


The Circassian association in the town of Wadi Al-seer will hold elections for the association's executive committee on October 22. Among the groups running for the elections, we located two groups that do propaganda through social networks and especially on Facebook.

The first group is the youth group "Sons of the Association" which presents 9 candidates, the group is headed by Bibers Halashte (Ishaqat). The second group is called the "Wadi Al-seer Group" which presents 9 candidates, the group is headed by Amjad Gute.

The Circassian Association of Wadi Al-seer is a member of the Central Circassian Association in Jordan. In terms of its importance, this association occupies the second place after the central association, which has about 15 associations as members.
In Jordan there are other Circassian associations that are not members of the central association, such as the Friends of the Circassians of the Caucasus, the Amman Circassian Council (Khase), the youth association, the International Circassian Culture Club and others.

The number of Circassians in Jordan is estimated at 150 thousand. They are mainly concentrated in Amman and its surroundings as well as other cities in the kingdom of Jordan.

"Sons of the Association"

"Wadi Al-seer Group"