jubilee medal "100th anniversary of Adygea" awarded to 70 artists and activists


On behalf of the head of Adygea, Murat Kumpilov, the Minister of Culture of the Republic, Yuri Autlev, held a solemn ceremony of awarding the figures of culture and art of the republic with the jubilee medal "100th anniversary of the formation of the Republic of Adygea," the press service of the ministry reports.

The ceremony took place within the walls of the Pushkin People's House. About 70 people were awarded, including Yuriy Stash, Chesik Anzarokov, Eduard Ovcharenko, Teuchezh Kat, Zaur Khot, Anzaur Tlekhuch, Gazi Chemso, Zaurbi and Maleachet Zekhov, Murat Kukan, Amerbmi Kulov, Abdulakh Bersirov, Zamudin Guchev, Aminat Soobtsokova, Arkady Kirnos , Tamara Nekhay, Asya Eutykh and others.

Also, the oldest employees of the Ministry of Culture of Adygea Liana Achmiz, Bela Sheudzhen, Aishet Mukova and Alik Chembokhov were awarded the anniversary medal.

The jubilee medal was instituted by the head of the republic for the 100th anniversary of the formation of Adygea. Awarded to people whose activities, including state, socio-political, scientific, educational, cultural, sports, charitable and other, had a significant impact on the formation and development of Adygea, the well-being of its inhabitants.