Public organizations of Sochi opposed the expansion of Sirius


The Sochi City Planning Council public organization has addressed an open letter to Russian President Vladimir Putin with a request to stop the expansion of the Sirius federal territory by withdrawing land from the Sochi resort. On behalf of the Council, the letter was signed by its chairman, adviser of the Russian Academy, associate professor of Sochi State University Olga Kozinskaya, the appeal was supported by members of the public civil movement “For Sochi!”,- the website sochi1 reports.

Recall that the parliament of the Russian Federation (State Duma) will consider a bill on expanding the federal territory of Sirius by 88,000 hectares, the document was submitted by the Government of the Russian Federation. It is planned to include in Sirius the section between the Mzymta River and the state border with Abkhazia, as well as the territory up to the border with the Mostovsky district, which includes 14 settlements, where more than 25 thousand people live. Sirius will also include part of the Sochi National Park, the Sochi Republican State Nature Reserve and the Caucasian State Nature Biosphere Reserve.

Historically, Sochi was the capital city of Circassia until it was conquered by the Russian Empire in 1864. Until this year, over 2 million people lived in Circassia. After the occupation, less than a hundred thousand people remained. The absolute majority of the Circassians were deported into the Ottoman Empire. Today, about a million Circassians live in the territory of historical Circassia - Adygea, Kabardino-Balkaria, Karachay-Circassia, Krasnodar region. Over 6 million Circassians live in the diaspora, mainly in Turkey.