Road bypassing Maykop launched in the Republic of Adygea


In Adygea, on the occasion of the 100th anniversary of the statehood of the republic, the implementation of a large infrastructure project has been fully completed - traffic has been launched along the section of the 3rd stage of the construction of a highway bypassing Maykop,- the press service of the government of Adygea reports.

The opening ceremony of the facility took place on October 12 within the framework of the X International Specialized Exhibition "Road 2022" with the participation of the Head of Adygea Murat Kumpilov and the head of the Federal Road Agency (Rosavtodor) of the Russian Federation Roman Novikov.

Murat Kumpilov noted that the project "Road bypassing Maykop", as planned, was completed ahead of schedule, by the 100th anniversary of Adygea.

- The object is very important for us. The new road will connect one regional and two federal highways, and most importantly, it will significantly expand the transport capabilities of the region, unload the republican capital from the transit flow, heavy trucks. This will affect the safety and comfort of road traffic, the ecology of Maykop, as well as the development of the urban environment,” Murat Kumpilov said.

The total length of the road bypassing Maykop is about 28 km.