The Kaffed has no money to run a website


The website of the Federation of the Caucasian Associations has been closed for more than a month and there are no updates on the Federation's activities.

When we enter the site, one page appears which has a message saying that the site will open soon.

What's funny about this story is how it that a federation with over 60 associations as members is unable to operate a website. If the website is under repair then it shouldn't take more than a day. If the intention of the federation's management is to create a new website, then technically the old website does not need to be closed, and as soon as the new one is ready to be activated, you can replace the old one and activate the new one within one hour.

From this story one can conclude that if such a federation is not able to operate a website then how can it work on the major problems facing the Caucasus and problems of the Circassians.