Georgia's Ambassador to Turkey visits the Federation of the Circassian associations


Georgia's Ambassador to Turkey, George Janjgava, paid a visit to the Federation of the Circassian Associations in Turky. The visit accompanied by the Georgian diplomatic Koba Goguladze. This was reported on the federation's website

At the meeting of the Georgian diplomats with the leaders of the federation were present, the president of the Fedaration Nusret Bash, Secretary General Yılmaz Donmez, President of the Maltepe Circassian Association Murat Özden, the President of the Circassian Women Society Emine Arslandok and the chairman of the Istanbul branch of the Circassian Democratic Party Ahmet Altunok.

George Janjgava stated that this visit did not carry a special mission, but, a courtesy to the Caucasian tradition to meet and talk to each other. Referring to the developments in the Caucasus in the continuation of his speech, Janjgava said that the Caucasian peoples have lived together in brotherhood for centuries and that Russia, which wants to dominate the region, has created discord among the Caucasian peoples. In this context, Janjgava stated that they had done wrong things in the past in Abkhazia and S. Ossetia, but the cadres in those days were no longer at work, and that the new administrators want to talk with the Abkhazia and S. Ossetia administrations and establish a lasting peace. Janjgava emphasized that the Circassian institutions in the diaspora could undertake a motivating mission in the realization of these talks and expressed his hope to receive such support from the Federation of the Circassian Associations.

Circassian Associations Federation President Nusret Bash thanked Janjgava for his visit and said that they would be happy to respond to every call for peace and brotherhood.

Afterwards, an exchange of information was held with the participants on the Caucasus and its problems.

At the end of the visit, Janjgava presented the President of the Federation, a framed engraving with portraits of the Caucasian peoples. Nusret Bash also presented the Ambassador a Circassian dagger. The visit ended with mutual goodwill wishes.