The European Parliament recognized the Russian Federation as a "state sponsor of terrorism"


The results of the vote that took place on November 23 at the session of Parliament in Strasbourg:
575 deputies supported the resolution, 58 were against, 24 abstained,- euronews reports.

The legislatively fixed position of the European Parliament is a largely symbolic step, since the European Parliament does not have a legal basis for any further actions against a state recognized as a terrorist one. At the same time, the European Union has already imposed unprecedented sanctions against Russia in connection with the war in Ukraine, and the scope of these sanctions will now only expand.

Six of Russia's western neighbors have previously recognized the country as a state sponsor of terrorism: the Czech Republic, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland and Ukraine, against which the Russian Federation has been waging war since the end of February. This status was also confirmed by PACE and NATO. A similar resolution was submitted to the US Congress on September 14, but has not yet been approved by congressmen.