Murat Kumpilov congratulates the People's Artist of Adygea Asya Eutykh


On December 8, the artist, jeweler, goldsmith Asya Eutykh celebrated her 60th birthday. The Head of the Republic of Adygea Murat Kumpilov congratulated Asya Eutykh on her anniversary, noting that the work of Asya Eutykh is known far beyond the borders of the republic, carries a great educational mission.

Asya Eutykh continues the traditions of the Circassian (Adyghe) goldsmiths, having restored the process of making products according to ancient technology, masters various techniques and the high skill of the Circassian jewelry art.

“The products created by Asya Eutykh are unique and occupy a worthy place in the Hermitage, the State Historical Museum of Moscow, and are a real decoration of any exhibition venues and cultural and educational projects. They delight with their beauty, craftsmanship and are truly a cultural heritage, helping to learn and preserve the ancient history of Adygea. Behind each work is a great work and a thousand-year history of the Circassians (Adyghes), who give birth to new works of art, where the soul of our ancient people lives. Asya Eutykh rightfully belongs to the people's fame and high title - People's Artist of Adygea! I sincerely wish the hero of the day good health, well-being, creative inspiration and the implementation of all the planned projects, - Murat Kumpilov wrote in his Telegram channel.

Information about the works of Asya Eutykh you can find in her website through this link: